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     Model 6200 - Crossover
   Automatic Table-Top Die Attach System

Automatic die attach system in a small and unique table-top configuration.

The unmatched versatility of Model 6200 allows performing the widest range of cold and
heated die attach processes on the same machine.

The process capabilities implemented into the 6200 Crossover include: Epoxy Die Attach,
different Eutectic processes, GGI based on Ultrasonic or Thermo-compression processes,
Ag Sintering, Die Stacking and many other processes.

The very high placement accuracy better than 3 microns (process dependent) is ensured by the
advanced closed loop servo systems, the high resolution digital vision system and by the advanced
Windows based software of the machine.

Handles active and passive components presented in 2" and/or 4" Waffle/Gel packs,
different sizes Tape & Reel feeders and custom Trays.

The adhesive is applied in X-Y shape patterns by the Time-Pressure or Positive Displacement Pumps.
Other dispensers such as Ink Jet, special UV adhesive dispensers, etc. are also available.

The Stamping (Pin Transfer) system applies adhesive dots with a diameter under 75 m.

A library of complex pre-taught dispense and stamp shapes allows fast and easy setup of the application.

Unique Die Stacking capability with programmable BLT.

Full Flip Chip capability for Solder, Gold and other bump materials.

Optimally handles high mix applicatiosn with minimal change-over time.

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Specification Highlights:

- Work Area up to 250 x 150 mm.
- Die size: 0.150 to over 50 mm.
- Die Thickness: from 50 m.
- Die Aspect Ratio: over 1:50.
- Die Material: GaAs, Silicon, Glass, other.
- Die Presentation
- Up to 9 Waffle/Gel packs
- Up to 8 Tape & Reel feeders
- Volumetric, Time-Pressure or Other Dispensing.
- Single or Double Dispenser.
- Stamping (pin transfer) for dots as small as 75 m.
- Cold or Hot process up to 500C with Inert Gas cover.
- Heated pickup tool up to 500C with Forming Gas.
- Ultrasonic bonding process available.
- Integrated Ag Sintering system.
- Integrated UV curing system.
- Programmable Bond Line Thickness control.
- Advanced Die Stacking capability.
- Pickup/Bond Force: 30 - 9000 grams.
- Placement Accuracy: better than 3 m depending on application.
- Throughput: up to 700 CPH depending on application.




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