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     Model 6410
   For Dispensing & Stamping

One or two dispnese pumps are installed on the head moving on the machine X and Y axes.

The system performs Dispensing and Stamping of different adhesives, flux and other materials in the same application.

The adhesive is applied in single dot, multi dot and X-Y shape patterns by the Time-Pressure or Positive Displacement Pumps.

A library of complex pre-taught dispense and stamp shapes allows fast and easy setup of the application.

Versatile and User Friendly operation based on a PC platform running under Windows XP«.

Fully automatic system designed for highest flexibility and easy programming and operation.

Very High Accuracy ensured by closed loop servo systems controlling the X and Y motion of the head.

High resolution Digital Vision and Image Processing is used for accurate substrate alignment.

Dual Magnification camera for Substrate alignment with 20 mm travel and Auto Focus.

Very Large 20" x 12" Work Area allows handling large PC boards.

Cold and Heated substrate holders handling a wide variety of substrates including PCB's, Silicon Wafers, Ceramic Substrates, Carriers with Single Packages, etc.

Underfill dispensing process for flip chip applications.

Stamping (Pin Transfer) of less than 75 Ám diameter adhesive dots (application dependent).

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Specification Highlights:

- Work Area up to 20" x 12".
- Substrates: Lead Frames, Ceramic, Silicon Wafers, FR4, Metal, etc.
- Volumetric or Time-Pressure Dispensing
- Number of Dispenser Pumps: 2
- Syringe Size: up to 30 cc.
- Typical Viscosity Range: 1000 - 900000 cps.
- Number of Stamper Stages: 1
- Dot size range from: 0.075 mm (by stamping).
- Cold or Hot process up to 500 C with Inert Gas cover.
- Surface detection accuracy: 3 microns.
- Dual magnification Down Looking Camera: 100X for High mag. and 24X for Low mag.
- Dot Placement Accuracy: 10 Ám @ 3 sigma depending on application.
- Throughput: up to 3600 dots/hour.




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