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     Model 6495
   For MCM/Hybrid assemblies with up to 211 different active and passive components

Versatile tabletop machine with friendly menu driven operator interface and programmable software control of all process functions: Velocities, Times, Dispensing, Bond and Pickup Forces, etc.

Designed for easy assembly of MCM/Hybrid/COB circuits with up to 211 different types of components on one package.

Handles active and passive components with sizes between 200 microns up to 50 mm.

Pick from 2" or 4" Waffle or Gel-Pak.

Pick from Wafers up to 8" (automatic or manual).

Wafer Mapping capability or Ink Dot recognition.

Specializing in unusual die sizes and aspect ratios.

Handles CCD and other sensors, LCD's and MEMS devices with high accuracy and yield.

Dispensing of adhesive in programmable shapes.

Stamping (Pin Transfer) applies adhesive dots as small as 75 microns.

Unique die staking capability.

Highest flexibility allows setting up new process in minutes.

Ideal for low to medium volume production.

Specification Highlights:

- Large 12" x 12" Work Area.
- Handles up to 80 packages at a time.
- Die size: 0.010" to over 1".
- Pick from Waffle/Gel packs and up to 8" Wafers.
- Die Thickness: from 0.002".
- Die Aspect Ratio: over 1:20.
- Die Material: GaAs, Silicon, Glass, other.
- Up to 211 different Active and Passive components in one pass.
- Dispensing and stamping (pin transfer) available.
- Cold or Hot process up to 500 C with Inert Gas cover.
- Pickup/Bond Force: 20 3000 grams.
- Placement Accuracy: 30 m @ 3 sigma depending on application.
- Throughput: up to 600 CPH.




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