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     Model 6497
   For MCM/Hybrid/Silver Glass/Eutectic and Flip Chip

Performs Flip Chip, MCM/Hybrid/COB, Silver Glass, Eutectic, Ultrasonic processes.

Table top design including high accuracy features required for state of the art flip chip or chip and wire applications.

Full software control, with programmable process parameters such as Forces, Velocities, times, dispensing, Bond Line Thickness, Scrubbing, Ultrasonic, Vision, etc.

Pick from 2" or 4" Waffle or Gel-Pak.

Cold as well as high temperature processes under inert gas cover.

High Accuracy and Yield.

Ideal for low to medium volume production.

Specification Highlights:

- Large 7" x 12" Work Area.
- Handles up to 80 packages at a time.
- Die size: 0.010" to over 1".
- Pick from Waffle/Gel packs optional Wafer.
- Die Thickness: from 0.002".
- Die Aspect Ratio: over 1:20.
- Die Material: GaAs, Silicon, Glass, other.
- Dispensing, stamping and fluxing by dipping available.
- Cold or Hot process up to 500 C with Inert Gas cover.
- Ultrasonic die attach available.
- Bond Line Thickness control for Silver Glass applications.
- Die Stacking Capability.
- Pickup/Bond Force: 50 3000 grams.
- Placement Accuracy: 20 m @ 3 sigma depending on application and configuration.
- Throughput: up to 600 CPH.




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