Main Applications

Gold Bump Flip Chip


  • Thermo-Compression.
  • Thermo-Sonic.
  • ACP/ACF, NCP/NCF, Other Adhesive Based Applications.

Heated Substrate:

  • Up to 500°C.
  • Available Forming Gas Cover.

Ultrasonic Head:

  • Up to 130 KHz.
  • Handles Pyramidal Die Collets.
  • With Theta correction.


  • Combined Ultrasonic and Non-Ultrasonic processes in the same application.
  • Automatic replacement of Ultrasonic and Regular Pickup Tools.
  • High Bond Force up to 100N.
  • Programmable Bond Time.
  • Programmable Ultrasonic Time.
  • Underfill.

C2/C4 Applications

Chip Flipper

  • Die size from 0.15 to Over 20 mm
  • Dice Picked from Wafer, Waffle/Gel Packs or Other Die Presentation Options.
  • Die Flipping Operation in Parallel with P&P or Serial.

Bump Fluxer

  • “Doctor Blade” Rotary System with RPM Control.
  • Accurate Flux Thickness Control by Quick Replaceable Blades for 10µm to 50µm Flux Thickness.
  • No Adjustment Required for Setting the Flux Thickness.
  • Programmable Fluxing Parameters.
  • Maximum die size: over 20 x 20 mm.

Final Die Align Over Up Looking Camera

  • High Resolution Up Looking Camera.
  • High Magnification of 150X.
  • Programmable Oblique and Vertical Illumination.
  • Final X, Y, Theta Alignment of the Die Before Placement.

Pre-Tacking Process Available

  • Heated Substrate.
  • Heated Pickup Tool.

Eutectic Applications


  • AuSn, AuGe, AuSi, Other.
  • Multi-chip Eutectic Applications.

Heated Substrate:

  • Up to 500°C.
  • With Forming Gas Cover.

Heated Pickup Tool:

  • Up to 500°C.
  • With Forming Gas Cover.
  • Programmable Tool Heating Time.


  • Picking up the Die with cold pickup tool.
  • Pyramidal die collet for the Dice and Flat face Pickup Tool used for the preform pick & place.
  • Programmable Bond Time.
  • Programmable Scrubbing.
  • High Throughput.

Integrated UV Curing System

Dispensing UV Adhesives

  • Needle Pumps available for dispensing very low viscosity adhesives.
  • Experience with Jet dispensing UV adhesives.
  • Programmable dispense to bond time.

Advanced Process Control

  • UV LED’s available for different wave lengths.
  • Light intensity controlled by a compact, low power, high stability controller.
  • Programmable UV curing time.
  • UV light focused on the area of the tip of the pickup tool.
  • UV curing performed while the die is held by the pickup tool during the bond process.

Bond Line Thickness Control

BLT Control by Measurement

  • Pickup tool touch down for measurement.
  • Measurement with or without Die on the Pickup Tool.
  • Better than 3µm Measurement Accuracy.

Silver Glass Applications

  • Programmable BLT.
  • Automatic process control.
  • Programmable Touch Down location and frequency.
  • Stirrer with programmable RPM installed on the Dispenser.

Die Stacking with BLT Control

  • Wet die stacking.
  • Programmable BLT for each level separately.
  • Practically unlimited number of dice in the stack.
  • Stacking different dice into the same stack.
  • Combination of Face-Up and Flip Chip processes in the same stack.

Die Stacking with Fast Cure Adhesives

  • Heated Substrate.
  • Heated Pickup Tool.

Adhesive Application

Stamping – Pin Transfer

  • Stamper Stage with Controlled Level of Adhesive.
  • Automatic Replacement of the Stamper Tool.
  • Programmable Stamping Parameters.
  • Single Dot and Multi Dot Programmable Patterns.
  • Consistent Dot Size Down to 75 µm Diameter.

Advanced Dispensing Capability

  • Single or Double Dispenser.
  • Different Dispensers Available:
  • • High Accuracy Time-Pressure Dispenser
  • • Variety of Positive Displacement Pumps
  • • Needle Pumps for UV Adhesive
  • • Jet Dispenser
  • Programmable Dispense Parameters
  • Library of Dispense Shapes.
  • Underfill for Flip Chip applications.

Multi Chip Applications

  • Fully Automatic Process.
  • Dice from 0.15 to Over 50 mm Size.
  • Automatic Tool Replacement with Up To 12 Different Pickup Tools.
  • Up to 40 Waffle/Gel Packs.
  • 8 Tape & Reel Feeders.
  • One 300 mm Wafer.
  • Epoxy Dispensing and Stamping in the Same Process.
  • Can Handle Up To Three Different Epoxies in the Same Application.
  • DAF Applications.
  • Ag Sintering for Multi Chips in One Pass.
  • Handling Ag Paste or Ag Sheet.
  • Benchtop Machine with Very Large Work Area (18”x12”).
  • Table Top Machine with Smaller Work Area (6”x6”).
  • Very High Placement Accuracy.
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