Model 6400

Automatic, High Accuracy Die Attach System

Flexible, fully automatic die attach system controlled by user friendly Windows XP® based software.

The system is available either installed on its own bench or in “Table-Top” configuration (without bench).

Model 6400 performs cold and hot processes for MCM, Flip Chip, Eutectic, and Ultrasonic assemblies.

Very high placement accuracy of 3 microns @ 3 sigma (process dependent) is ensured by the closed loop servo systems and the high resolution digital vision system

Handles active and passive components with sizes between 0.2 mm up to over 25 mm.

Pick from up to thirty 2″ or up to nine 4″ Waffle or Gel Pak carriers.

Pick from Wafers up to 300 mm

Pick from up to 12 Tape & Reel feeders.

Specializing in unusual die sizes and aspect ratios.

The volumetric or time-pressure dispenser applies adhesive in programmable shapes.

Stamping (Pin Transfer) applies adhesive dots as small as 75 microns.

Full Flip Chip capability including chip flipping, bump fluxing and chip final alignment over up looking camera.

Handles CCD and other sensors, LCD’s, MEMS and other sensitive devices

Unique die staking capability with programmable BLT.

Specification Highlights:

  • Work Area up to 12″ x 10″.
  • Die size: 0.165 to over 50 mm.
  • Die Thickness: from 50 microns.
  • Die Aspect Ratio: over 1:50.
  • Z travel: 20 mm.
  • Die Material: GaAs, Silicon, Glass, other.
  • Die Presentation
    • Up to 30 Waffle/Gel packs
    • Up to 8 Tape & Reel feeders
    • One 300 mm Wafer.
  • Volumetric, Time-Pressure or Jet Dispensing
  • Double Dispenser combination of the above.
  • Stamping (pin transfer) for dots as small as 75 µm.
  • Cold or Hot process up to 500 C with Forming Gas cover.
  • Heated pickup tool up to 500 C available.
  • Ultrasonic bonding process available.
  • Integrated UV curing system available
  • Accurate Bond Line Thickness control.
  • Advanced Die Stacking capability.
  • Pickup/Bond Force: 40 – 3000 grams.
  • Placement Accuracy: ±3 µm depending on application.
  • Throughput: up to 1000 CPH depending on application.
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