Model 6900/6920

Automatic MCM/Flip Chip Die Attach System

Fully Automatic MCM and Flip Chip Die Attach System. Developed for high volume production of Multi Chip Modules including active chip & wire and flip chip components, as well as passive components.

Magazine to Magazine or In-Line configuration. Based on the unique Two Head architecture that ensures highest Flexibility and Throughput in parallel with smallest Footprint.

Handles up to Seventy Waffle/Gel packs, up to Forty Reel Feeders or up to TEN different 8″ Wafers at a time.

Full Flip Chip capability including die pickup from wafer, waffle/Gel pack and surf tape, chip flipping, bump fluxing and high accuracy alignment based on Up Looking Vision.

Dispensing of single/multi dot and shape patterns.

Library of complex pre-taught dispense shapes.

Advanced vision algorithms ensure accurate alignment of substrates and active or passive components as well as detection of ink dots.

Programmable accurate Bond Line Thickness control.

Unique one pass die stacking capability.

NEW – Eutectic capability based on heat and programmable scrubbing.

Specification Highlights:

  • Stand alone or In-Line configuration.
  • Large 26″ x 19″ Work Area.
  • Two head configuration – two machines in one.
  • Die size range: 0.010″ to over 1″.
  • Die Thickness: from 0.002″.
  • Die Aspect Ratio: over 1:20.
  • Die Material: GaAs, Silicon, Glass, other.
  • Die presentation:
    • up to 70 Waffle/Gel packs;
    • up to 10 different 8″ Wafers;
    • up to 40 Tape & Reels.
  • Dispensing and fluxing by dipping available.
  • Heated pickup tool up to 450 C available.
  • Bond Line Thickness control for Silver Glass applications.
  • Advanced Die Stacking capability.
  • Placement Accuracy: 15µm @ 3 sigma depending on application and configuration.
  • Pickup/Bond Force: 50 – 3000 grams.
  • LAN communication capability.
  • Throughput: up to 3000 CPH.
  • Machine size: 48″W x 32″D x 73″H
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